Embrace life and enjoy the ride! You decide your life story! Smile and people will smile back at you. 😍

Dottie Phelps Visker: My work explores the relationship between seeing & feeling. The colors explode on the canvas and have texture that you can feel with your hands and heart. There's always a tension between the feeling of passionate happiness and longing to travel abroad and sites unknown. I feel compelled to paint, and start very early in the morning outside. With influences as diverse from Monet, Rembrandt, Ross, Van Gogh, Wood, and recently Alremov. New combinations are crafted from both traditional and modern, recycled items, and with glitzy brilliance. Ever since I was a student in college, I have been fascinated by art, paint, ceramics, metal and the want to manipulate them into something meaningful. The ability to express myself into the medium, each stroke is very passionate and meaningful to me. Like how music was scratched into the plastic to make a record -abstract art and a brush is like this for me! Abstract art is giving of yourself actually! I'm embracing the chaos of life and the inevitability of the reality of my one day, death. Circle of life, is beautiful and complete, and I want to leave something behind for all time to think about. I enjoy shimmering coppers and golds, and I paint daily and frantically but precisely what I want. I hope to stir the you looking, have you feel, think, and maybe laugh or cry, but most importantly understand the importance of art in all our lives! 4-6-2018